Congratulations to our Reed / Belle puppies!

They have all made it to their new homes safely and are doing great!

The Reed / Belle puppies are here!

4 girls / 2 boys

All nice ridges! and two liver noses!

Belle delivered the 6 puppies in 2 hours 45 minutes without any problems!

What a champ she was!

Now she's being a super mom!

Wow the Quads are 5 weeks already!!

Here are some pretty cute pictures. Enjoy!

Late Update!

So sorry for being late so we are doing a 4 1/2 week update.

Puppies are doing great! LE May has been a great mom but headed home yesterday. We have made the puppy pen a litter bigger and have added their play cube for fun during the day. 

3 Weeks today!!!

We have an new name for the litter  -  Quad Fatties!

They are doing great! All are fat and happy and starting to play. Weights are 4 pounds 14 ounces to 5 pounds 4 ounces! YES, they are fat and being fed well by their mama LE May. She's doing well and she's doing a great job taking care of her quad!