Max and Belle are the proud parents of 3 week old puppies!! The little leprechauns are doing great. Little is a word I should use lightly for they are all close to 7 pounds. The red collared boy, who we call Leim, weighs in today at 6 pounds 14 ounces!! 

We gave them the addition of their playpen last night and added a litter box. They are still having a hard time crossing the divider. But I bet in 2 to 3 days they are all crossing it easily.  The good news is when they are in the playpen they are using the litter box pretty regularly.  Good boys!!

Max / Belle puppies 2 1/2 weeks old😛!

Max /  Belle puppies are TWO weeks old today -  3/31/2020


Birthday pictures this morning!

They went on an adventure this morning after breakfast. Out of the whelping box onto the big comfy fuzzy pillow! After touring around for a bit they were exhausted😌! Belle stayed away and let them explore then when they were asleep she went outside for her morning bunny hunt. All is well with the boys!



Max  /  Belle Puppies are 8 days old today 3/25/2020!

The puppies and mom are doing great! They have had their toe nails trimmed, twice now. Today we started the early neurological stimulation we do on our puppies. This is an exercise we do with our puppies that includes thermal and tactile stimulation, and motion and locomotion. Research shows this stimulation at an age between 3 days and 16 days helps the dogs to deal with stress later in life.  There are five exercises done once a day and each one is only done for 3 to 5 seconds. For more information on this please call me or google "Early Neurological Stimulation for puppies" (book reference: Breeding Better Dogs)

Stay tuned in for more updates and pictures!!