Congratulations to our Reed / Belle puppies!

They have all made it to their new homes safely and are doing great!

The Reed / Belle puppies are here!

4 girls / 2 boys

All nice ridges! and two liver noses!

Belle delivered the 6 puppies in 2 hours 45 minutes without any problems!

What a champ she was!

Now she's being a super mom!

Wow the Quads are 5 weeks already!!

Here are some pretty cute pictures. Enjoy!

Late Update!

So sorry for being late so we are doing a 4 1/2 week update.

Puppies are doing great! LE May has been a great mom but headed home yesterday. We have made the puppy pen a litter bigger and have added their play cube for fun during the day. 

3 Weeks today!!!

We have an new name for the litter  -  Quad Fatties!

They are doing great! All are fat and happy and starting to play. Weights are 4 pounds 14 ounces to 5 pounds 4 ounces! YES, they are fat and being fed well by their mama LE May. She's doing well and she's doing a great job taking care of her quad!


to our SWEDISH litter!

Masai / LE May

All puppies are doing well. They weighed in yesterday at 2 pounds each. They are growing fast and motoring around the whelping box. We are looking forward to the puppies opening their eyes and seeing their world. That should start to happen in about 4 days. Stay tuned for our next update about the Swedish litter.